The digital signage software package designed to give you complete control.

Our award-winning Content Management Solution for digital signage and interactive kiosks. Packed full of features and with over 80 different apps to choose from, Acquire Editor provides a complete tool set to create compelling, dynamic and engaging digital projects. 

All in one

Page Designer, Scheduler, Deployment, Remote support and management, Reporting and more.

Enterprise Class

Integrated on-premise toolset for developing, managing and supporting networks.

More than just media

Over 80 customisable apps to enable powerful triggered or interactive

It's never been easier to manage your own digital screen network

Create centrally, deploy globally

It's easy to create your perfect project, using the advanced editor suite, then push it live to 1000's of locations instantly via the PLUS! network cloud.

Remotely monitor your estate, all from one  location with great reporting tools like remote desktop, proof of playout and intelligent error reports.

diagramsAcquire Software.Acquire players.PLUS! network cloud.

Over 80 apps

It's easy to show local weather, connect to hardware payment systems, capture a webcam feed or just show your latest tweets. 

We also offer a custom development service for specific needs and with a full API, you can even build your own.

Easy content scheduling

You can schedule content by date, day, time or get creative and only play a page when its raining outside or when your staff are busy.

Using our apps selection you can create triggers for pretty much any situation.

 Plan your content. 365 days, 24 hours, minute by minute.

Plan your content. 365 days, 24 hours, minute by minute.

 Digital Signage Content Management System

Desktop class page designer

Acquire Editor comes with a powerful WYSIWYG page designer, which allows you to easily layer and organise hundreds of unique elements on one page. Create video slideshows, with scrolling RSS or social feeds and add interactivity with touch actions and animation.

Powerful Player

Acquire’s Player technology is cutting edge. Features such as native 4K (and higher!) playback, LED playback, Synchronised playback, remote control, live data feeds and much more are all as standard.

Centrally manage 1 - 1000s of remotely installed systems

Built in security which can be upgraded at any time

3 types of content delivery plus optional use of our secure network

Optional site licence available for multi user editing

Visual design tools for layout, flow and scheduling

Reporting for proof of play-out

Purchase Options:

One off Purchase/ Purchase + Service charge/ Rental

Upgrade Contract

Includes Application and Apps (including new packs)

API can be purchased

( DELPHI/ C++/ .NET )

Upgrade discounts

(Competitive / government / education)

Want to use it? Great!

Are you ready to create advanced digital experiences for your users? Contact a member of the team for more information or to request a 30 day free trial.