Our range of Content Management Systems (CMS) have been specifically designed for the creation of engaging and immersive digital experiences. You'll find products suitable for all experience levels and network sizes that are compatible across all applications, such as multi-touch touch screens, videowalls, self-service and payment kiosks. 


Our leading and most in-depth software package is designed to give you complete control.

  • Powerful Control

  • Easy to use editor

  • Grows with your needs


Our cloud or web-based solution, allows you to create, edit and upload content on the go!

  • Use it anywhere

  • Increase productivity

  • Fast and simple


Our entry level software package that gives you an ‘all-in-one’ solution for managing smaller projects.

  • requires little training

  • simple digital signage

  • No on-going hosting fees

The solutions built from our core software platforms, choose the right one for your business needs:


Intelligent navigation

Full 2D/3D maps

Simple and fun

Secure lockdown

Reporting built-in

Multi-user support


Superior Multi-touch

Manipulate Content

Engage your audience

Reduce waiting times

Update content using an online CMS 


Secure Browsing

Full customisation


Signage on the go!

Flexible scheduling

Acquire Engine is a custom-built technology, utilising the same methods and features as used in high-end computer gaming, providing next generation responsiveness, features and compatibility. All of the Acquire products are built using the same Acquire Engine platform, so they can be easily integrated with each other, to enable greater flexibility and customisation.