The superior multi-touch experience for any screen. In any location.

Harness the power of touch and interaction with Perception, our latest multi-touch experience. Create interactive projects and flawless presentations that will inspire and captivate your audience, generate leads and sales and transform the way you communicate with staff and end-users. 

Engage with your audience

Simple content editor to allow users to create amazing multi-touch experiences.

Multi-touch pinch and zoom

Allowing consumers and guests to manipulate all content with ease.

perfect for all occasions

Perception has been designed as a versatile communication tool and can therefore be used across all industries and sectors to create:

  • Sales Presentation
  • Showroom Reel
  • Entertainment and gaming
  • Property Browsing
  • Educational tools/aids

Easy and simple user interface

Developed to be user friendly to build multi-touch experiences with little training and less time.

smooth user experience

Slick controls like Pinch 'n' Zoom and Flicking.


Supports most file types including PDF, JPG, MP4 and even 3D models.

high definition quality

Run screens and video walls up to 12k resolution.

Like what you see?

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