Navigating you in the right direction

With an increase in popularity of smartphones and other digital devices, Wayfinder powered by Acquire is a perfect solution for your tech-savvy customers. Wayfinder empowers shoppers by allowing them to access information quickly and in a highly engaging way.

Highly configurable

Choice of brandable user interfaces or custom designed experience.


Perfect for shopping centres, airports, universities, hospitals, open spaces and more.

Improve Traffic Flow

Get people where they want to be- fast! Let them discover new places.

Universal Search

Let users find stores, deals, services, points of interest and much more.  

If users are not familiar with the environment, they will be able to easily locate services and products with filtering by type.

Intelligent Routing

Turn by turn directions, with the option to add animated routes. Wayfinder uses dynamic algorithms, to find the quickest route to your destination.

You can add weighting to direct users through a particular section.  

Scan and Go

Handover of information and routes a users smartphone and other systems via, NFC, QR and short code SMS.

Take your personal route with you if forget where to go.

Choose your style of map


Flat Simple


Simplified 3D


Realistic 3D

With our Wayfinder you can choose from a number of different style of mapping, this can be either a two dimensions flat map or a full 3D live rendered rotational map for the best consumer experience.

History of Wayfinding

Wayfinder powered by Acquire has been developed over a number of years to produce a simple and fun interactive experience that can be installed in Shopping Malls, Airports, Exhibition spaces, City Centres and anywhere visitors require assistance to find where to go.

Over the years, it has evolved from a simple routing/mapping system to something that makes the shopping experience enjoyable and intelligent so that users can be guided not only to their destination, but also receive supplementary information related to their destination or along the route.  


Capture and record who uses your Wayfinder. This is particularly useful for calculating a return on investment (ROI) or for gender based advertising, using audience recognition technologies such as Quividi. Acurately monitor and record the number of impressions which can be segmented into audience type, gender, age group etc.


Built-in secure network connectivity to equip you with real-time alerts, remote device monitoring and control. With instant notification of any issues, problems can be resolved immediately from a remote PC to minimise any potential downtime.


Choose a fully managed service contract, build-and-handover or self-managed solution, giving you the ability .

Get started in the right direction.

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