Create, deploy and manage.

The Digital Signage tool-set ideal for use within Retail, Airports,  Leisure & Tourism, Education, Banking and Healthcare.

Used by management and power users to create content,  manage and deploy to their screens. Discover how you can build and manage your digital signage network.

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Page Designer

A dynamic WYSIWYG page designer. You can easily layer and organise hundreds of media-rich content. Type your text, add images and much more with a simple drag and drop interface.

Create Video Slideshows,  Scrolling RSS, Social Feeds, Animations and more

Digital Signage Content Management System

Apps and Integrations

Choose from a range of add-ons (we call them Apps) offering numerous integrations and additional options. 

With over 80 Apps, build the best solution for you, speak to our sales team.

Plan your content. 365 days, 24 hours, minute by minute.

You decide the time

Flexible and sophisticated content scheduling allows you to manage by date, day or time. Schedule a page for when it's raining outside or when you have a promotion. 

Create playlists for promotions and seasonal events, target your audience with the right content.


Build centrally, deploy globally

Once you've built your pages and decided on your schedule, the next step is to distribtute this to your screens.

We've kept this simple, deploy using either:

  • Your own network (P2P)

  • Via USB Flash Drive

  • Content delivery cloud, we call this PLUS! Network (Recommended)

We have cloud servers worldwide offering you incredible resilience and speed. Learn more

diagramsAcquire EditorAcquire players.PLUS! network cloud.

Intelligent Management

In-built remote management tool-set, you can see the vitals, making sure everything is running smoothly. 

Making you aware of any problems that occur, the intelligent alerting warns you of any issues, so you don't miss anything.


Features include:

Centrally manage 1 - 1000s of remotely installed systems

3 types of content delivery plus optional use of our secure network

Built-in security which can be upgraded at any time


Advanced reporting with  proof of play-out

Visual design tools for layout, flow and scheduling

Optional site licence available for multi-user editing


Maximum flexibilty, expand exponentially


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