WIND Hellas update awarding-winning Interactive POS Screens

Wind Speed Tool.jpg

Following on with their strong relationship with Greece Telecoms giant, Acquire are in the process of rolling out a new update WIND Telecoms for their award winning Interactive Point-of-Sale Wall. 

With more than 4.4 million active users, Wind Hellas is one of the largest mobile operators in Greece, offering mobile phone and broadband packages.

Part of new transformation, includes a selection of brand new tariffs on offer from WIND Hellas. Along with an updated user experience to be clearer and more user friendly. In addition, WIND have added a brand new feature with a speed checking tool. This allows new or existing customers see exactly what speeds they can expect from their broadband. Providing more informed choices about which tariff levels they are eligible to purchase. 

Using Acquire’s capabilities to adapt to their growing requirements. Acquire was able to connect with WIND's existing website APIs to power the tool, allowing for a uniform system across their platform.
The new updates including the speed eligibility tool will be rolling out in time for the holiday period.

Jaydev Bulsara