Enhancing the retail environment through 'Gamification'.


If the world of ‘gaming’ is not one you spend any time or attention on, you cannot get away from the fact that it’s impacting more and more aspects of our daily lives.

The concept of enticing an individual into engaging with designer brands, training, education or the working environment, through making interaction fun and rewarding, seems to be getting many people excited.

You cannot go a day without either hearing someone mention Fornite or seeing a product or story about it. The game has over 250 million users and generates more than $2.5m a day… the world of ‘Gamification’ is truly alive.

Designer brands are getting in on the action too, realising the potential of gaming benefits to their business, websites and marketing campaigns.

Moschino recently collaborated with the Sims to launch a new collection. Garments featured Sims motifs, and a virtual designer hoodie was also released so player’s avatars could have designer clothing in the game.

The increased focus on enhancing the customer experience, experiential retail, placemaking, inclusivity and accessibility means gamification is creating engagement opportunities like never before.

In 2018 the market was valued at $6.8bn and it’s estimated to rise to $40bn by 2024, according to market research firm, Reportlinker. 

Take into account that the average age of a gamer is 35, and that 47% of all gamers are women, the opportunity to implement the mechanics of gaming into marketing strategies and business functions is a very exciting and rewarding one.

With the ever immersive and addictive world of gaming and the increasing widespread adoption of mobile technologies, it’s no wonder ‘Gamification’ is making waves. Increasing amounts of companies, designer brands and labels are recognising the positive gains to be made, from employer engagement to increased customer interaction, increased profits and customer loyalty… the ‘Game’ really is on
— Tina Barton – Digital Public Engagement Manager  

Shopping malls and leisure destinations have also started to engage with bands and customers through creatively utilising digital screens and wayfinders, in ways that are driving footfall, increasing visitor engagement, placing consumers directly in front of brands, and providing vital information for mall owners and investors to predict future trends and understand consumer behaviour.

The ability to use a single screen or link together multiple screens across malls or even geographical locations, to play interactive games, such as the recent Dallas Cowboys ‘Pose with the Pros’ campaign, which resulted in 12.3 million interactions is certainly something to get excited about.

Recent years have seen Acquire Digital see an increase in demand for this type of work, with companies from Walmart to Virgin Media requesting the creation of bespoke interactive pieces to increase engagement with customers.

A recent Acquire collaboration involved the creation of a fun interactive game, designed for young people to coincide with the summer blockbuster ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’. Individuals were asked to help Dora collect the good things and discard the bad things in order to gain a top score and watch a full-length trailer of the film. The project saw just under 50,000 individuals across 11 states, participate in a total of 185 hours of gaming, with 3,000 individuals interacting at peak periods. 

This type of project provides rich data insights into consumer behaviour and a greater awareness of the way in which individuals use space at different times. Providing valuable information for both retailers, property owners and investors.

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An interactive “Spin & Win” game created for WIND Hellas, based in Greece, was deployed across various WIND retail stores in tandem with a TV marketing campaign. The gamified content attracted visitors to stores, for the chance to win various prizes including, mobile phones, mobile phone contracts, tablets, smart watches and even a car.

A fun interactive piece was created for our partner Gable, who were recently exhibited at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. The collaboration resulted in an interactive selfie opportunity with the King of ‘Rock N Roll’ himself Elvis. Offering visitors to the booth the opportunity to ‘Pose with Elvis’ and send a selfie directly to their mobile device.

Interacting with consumers in a fun way through contests, reward points, challenges with friends and role play is a powerful tool especially within today’s ever challenging retail and leisure landscape.

Gamification is playing a crucial role in ‘Experiential Retail’ creating dynamic and fresh ways for consumers to interact with brands, adding to their overall visitor experience. The financial benefits to utilising digital wayfinders and other such assets in this way means a healthy return on investment (ROI), increased opportunities for income generation, and collaborations with retailers and brands.

The increase in the number of companies that achieved high ROI’s due to gamification is proof of its positive impact on business and its potential to become a prominent driver in the increased engagement of individuals.

The outcomes achieved by companies using gamification is also fueling increased interest in the market. Companies are now able to evidence multi-level business benefits, making investment, and support for future initiatives or to enhance an existing strategy easier than ever.

So, if its influencing customer behaviour, increasing customer engagement or attracting new customers, it’s the perfect time to inject a little fun into your business.

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