The King of ‘Rock n Roll’ attends the Global Gaming Expo 2019

Our recent collaboration with Gable during this year’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas saw, visitors immerse themselves in an interactive opportunity to have a selfie with the King of ‘Rock n Roll’, Elvis himself. 

The bespoke piece was created especially for the show. It enticed visitors to select a pose and wait for the ‘Kings’ arrival before creating a selfie and sending it directly to their smart phone. 

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The piece is a good example of the attention this type of ‘gamified’ content is having across the retail and leisure industries, with additional benefits being gained from increased consumer engagement. 


Increasingly high-end retail destinations are priding themselves on designer brands, the latest restaurants, experiential retail and upping their game when it comes to the whole leisure offer. There is an appetite for a more dynamic approach and alternative methods of placing consumers directly in front of brands in creative ways, and this type of content is certainly providing that. 


“With the ever immersive and addictive world of gaming and the increasing widespread adoption of mobile technologies, it’s no wonder ‘Gamification’ is making waves. Increasing amounts of companies, designer brands and labels are recognising the positive gains to be made from employer engagement to increased customer interaction, increased profits and customer loyalty… the ‘Game’ really is on”

                Tina Barton – Digital Public Engagement Manager  


Senior Director of Marketing for Gable, Laurie Tomko said, “Visitors to the booth who posed with Elvis really had fun and got a kick out of interacting with the content. Passers-by also enjoyed watching participants interact and enjoyed taking images and short films for sharing across their own social media platforms… another huge benefit of creating this type of digital content”. 


You can find out more about creating your own gamified content, whether your wanting to enhance your brand, engage with your target audience, run a competition or launch a new product….. when it comes to making things fun and interactive, the opportunities are truly endless… contact Acquire Digital and talk to a member of the team today!


Tina Barton

Digital Public Engagement Manager

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