The Forum Shops in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the busiest streets in the world, with over 40 million visitors a year. A prime opportunity for advertising and showing off content with so many eyes looking at the screens in Vegas. 

Simon's Forum Shops located in the centre of Las Vegas, has just installed the first stage of their new digital screens, to provide the area with a superior form of communication to their customers.  

Acquire Digital have successfully managed to include some cool features to enhance the play-out of content. Using a unique ability to overlay videos, with live transitions makes it a real achievement, and allows for scheduling of playlists. This is a great benefit for the staff at the mall, as no pre-rendering is required to enable change of content quickly and efficiently.

A great view of the entrance, with LED screens

A great view of the entrance, with LED screens

The play-out never stops and starts like most other digital signage, instead a constant flow between each playlist item using smooth transitions. Content provided by Moment Factory looks wonderful on the high resolution outdoor LED screens provided by Acquire partner Gable Company.  

Due to the unique layout, the team at Acquire also built a new custom playlist management tool (CMS) to allow simple control by staff at the Forum Shops to change content as they prefer making it convenient, yet a powerful system using Acquire’s engine technology.

For further information regarding this project or to speak to someone about a new venture please contact the sales team:

Jaydev Bulsara