About Center Parcs

Center Parcs operates 4 Holiday Villages in the UK, each set in a forest environment providing high quality accommodation in fully equipped villas, apartments and holiday lodges. Each village offers an extensive range of sports and leisure facilities plus numerous restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

The challenge

Center Parcs were looking to provide villages with kiosks so that customers could book activities or change existing ones onsite. In addition, 

Our solution

What we provided was our software on kiosks located at key points around the village were required to show footage of activities and demonstrate what was on offer so that visitors could see what they want to do before they book.

The signage also displayed a scrolling list of real time availability for all activities to help visitors plan their activities with minimal disruption to their day or need for booking days ahead.

The objective was to increase revenue from on-site activity bookings by: 

  • Improving the visibility and communication of available activities through digital signage.

  • Providing the facility to change or add bookings using local interactive kiosks.

The result

141 guests interviewed. 

78% of guests noticed the kiosks. 

60% of guests made a booking using the kiosks. 

54% of guests noticed the digital signage. 

11% of the guests made a booking using the digital signage