Maximising the customer ordering experience

Our Digital Ordering System has been specifically created for those who have a high turnover and rely on supplying a fast and effective service to their customers by reducing waiting times to enhance the customer experience. Using our knowledge of promoting Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) we understand the importance of ‘featuring’ key products and running promotions to attract customers.

The system allows you to easily manage your featured products and campaigns simply by inputting the data and telling the system how you want to show it. You can run and manage seasonal campaigns, promotions and discounts for your customers by scheduling them accordingly so that everything runs automatically from the system.

Repeat customers

Customers can pre-load their order and simply pay and collect.


Upsell opportunities

Add value to the customer and more sales by offering related offers.

Reduce Waiting Times

Customers can quickly order their goods and bypass the queue.

See it in action

Integrated Systems

Digital Ordering Kiosk, Digital Menu Board, Order Processing screens and Delivery Virtual Queue can all be linked using the same system.


Schedule content by selecting time and dates for playback to enable automatic changes of pricing and menu options.


Adjust prices and product information or remove out of stock products instantly.

Like it? Great!

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