About Golden Dragon Casino

The Golden Dragon casino is a luxury hotel and casino located in the Macau peninsula with over 500 rooms and several casino, the hotel is very popular tourist destination. 

The challenge

The hotel  wanted an interactive video feature wall to provide a backdrop for customers travelling on the escalator. To create something extraordinary to wow their customers across the hotel.

Our solution

Using 52 individual LG LCD flat screens we developed a unique plugin for the Acquire software to allow videos to run on all screens independently but with complete cohesion. The plugin also supports interaction between individual customers being able to react to specific events and movement.

Features & Benefits

  • Technology used eradicates low-quality, stretched images.

  • Screens play individual content in full HD.

  • Frame accurate synchronisation.

  • Screens can be installed in any orientation to fit into existing spaces with minimal disruption.

  • Screens play individual messages to customers without interfering with overall image being displayed.


The result is an impressive wall of digital canvases assembled to project a larger image to the audience outside of the casino while simultaneously interacting with internal customers.