A versatile Digital Directory for any sector 

The Wayfinder is a modular system, with exciting features to suit every environment. Equipped with the ability to turn core features on and off, or to add supplemental features, you can customise this complete solution to just what you want, when you need it.

Whichever options you choose, by using our wayfinder, you will help create a positive and memorable experience for your users.


More than just a digital directory, enhance the entire shopping experience with Interactive features, Advertising and product offers, events, and purchase suggestions.


Built-in destination images teamed with locally-led security information make for fast, simple and safe campus travel.


Dynamic routing, appointment routing and multiple language options remove the stress of a hospital visit in these notoriously maze-like locations.


Keep your travellers informed and help make missed flights a thing of the past. FIDS integration, information messaging and up-to-date transit times keep people in control and happier.

Smart City

Change the way we explore our cities with more than an interactive map. Live information and data gathering from multiple sources enable you to keep visitors and locals informed without the need to pull out their mobile. And of course optimal routing for single trips or scenic multi-stop route using our multi-modal routing engine.