About Nomadix

Nomadix iWalker systems and solutions bridge the gap between OOH media and busy consumers, providing data capture, audience measurement and digital engagement.

The challenge

Nomadix Media launched their portable digital signage technology, the iWalker, which is a wearable digital signage system capable of grabbing the attention of audiences displaying content at around 6 feet tall.

Our Solution

Nomadix were utilised by the show organisers and worn by brand ambassadors to welcome visitors at the show's entrance. It displayed exhibition content to inform attendees about the scheduled events.

The  system used a hybrid version of the main Acquire Editor and the Acquire2Go system enabling content to updated via the web from any device. It also works seamlessly with Quividi Technology to cleverly track and monitor audience statistics, including number of impressions and interactions as well as recognise customer demographic information, such as age, gender and location - all of which will prove vital for brands. The iWalker was branded 'The coolest thing of the DSE 2013'.