Our secure network purposely designed for the safe transfer of data from your screens delivered securely to you

Our network is more than a just a safe way to deploy content; it allows you to obtain vital information about the current status of displays or kiosks anywhere in the world. With advanced monitoring and reporting features you can track deployments, see what is being displayed on any screen, and even gain remote access to a system in order to resolve any issues that may arise.


Never be in the dark

Throughout the transfer, fully detailed information about the stage of your players, the state of the transfers, and historical information about your network are available. 


network map

Sophisticated Technology

Provides a secure, infinitely scalable, robust platform Based upon a Managed, MESH network of multiple servers in high-speed, Tier 1 hosted datacentres.


Core Benefits

Maximise Security

Resilient distribution technology

Rapid deployment times

Limited Downtime

Remote monitoring

Comprehensive status history log


Media Server

When using multiple units at a single site and transferring large multimedia files typically used in digital signage and interactive systems, the internet connection at that site may become congested. To assist with this problem, we have developed the Acquire Media Server application.

Although all units connect to the PLUS! Network for all other communications, the use of the Media Server dramatically reduces loading on the Internet connection. This is recommended when using a connection which is slow or that you share with the site owner.

This solution can either be installed on a separate PC or on one of the units used as a Player, and installed at sites where there is more than one player unit installed. The Media Server application then automatically downloads the content to that PC, before distributing it to the Player units at the site using the LAN connection only.