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We know It is crucial that you are able to locate and resolve problems quickly to minimise downtime. System Monitor is a collective suite of products designed specifically for the intelligent monitoring and management of your digital signage, kiosk networks and network infrastructure.

System monitor is made up of 3 components that protect your entire network, small or large. It can therefore be added to individual units, kiosks and screens located anywhere in the world which can then be managed remotely from a head office location.


Secure connection to all of your remote devices, even those behind a firewall. 


All activities are logged and periodically sent back to the central server network.

System MonitorSystem Monitor

Site Manager

Site Manager sits at the heart of any network and is typically installed at the main/head office. It's the key to keeping tabs on your unit estate.

PLUS! Network

Also known as the Acquire Network, this is our highly secure and resilient network built specifically for rapid deployment of content with maximum security.

Unit Watchdog

Installed onto individual machines powering your screens, the Unit Watchdog is the proactive system responsible for preventing unwanted access and security breaches.

System Information

Provides a quick look-up for up-time, total reboots, unexpected reboots, connectivity status and screen resolution.

Network Information

Show the time of the last email, the time of scheduled emails, unit names, target email addresses, network connection status and IP address.

Automatic Firewall Management

Automatically configure and control Windows Firewall and any uPNP enabled firewall/routers to provide instant changes for remote access.

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