About The Forum Shops

One of the most iconic destinations in Las Vegas, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, is known for its one of a kind design and unique interior decor. As one of the highest grossing mall in the United States, generating an estimated sales of $1,750 per square foot, it features more than 160 luxury retailers, gourmet restaurants and bars.

Acquire Digital is working closely with many Simon Mall Properties across North America, to create immersive digital experiences, facilitating greater revenue through advertising and memories for its customers.


Project Specifics

Acquire Digital was chosen due to their experience with large format displays and knowledge of complex LED constructions. It was vital that all content was accurately lined up with pixel perfection, in order to create a remarkable artistic structure, amongst the thousands of people who walk past every day. 
Due to the complex led structure the sign required a custom pixel mapping matrix, built by Acquire.  This enabled the control of individual modules, such as the Roman style columns, and main advertising space. Enabling mall staff to schedule different content per section, all from the same output source. 

Pixel Mapping playout

Pixel Mapping playout

Early LED mapping test

Early LED mapping test

The Pylon features dynamic live transitions which seamlessly switch between advertisements and brand content, a fluid and smooth changeover, utilising Acquire’s core engine platform. 
The content produced by Moment Factory sets a disruptive new standard in exterior signage design by creating complex architectural shapes such as classic Roman columns and pediments. The sign produced by YESCO signs paves a way in revolutionary screen design and construction. The vivid LED panels were provided by YAHAM to produce a truly spectacular display.


To control the sign, a custom built (CMS) content management system developed in-house, allows the ability to effortlessly change and schedule content. Enabling mall staff to easily upload and scheduled content, choose different columns and synchronise the Pylon to the nearby Windows Screens to achieve a fully immersive takeover experience. 


Playlist Editor.PNG

Alongside the LED Marquee Sign, Window LED screens, installed early 2016 with our partners Gable, use the same Acquire playout engine. The unique ability to overlay videos, with live transitions makes it a real achievement, and allows for scheduling of playlists. This is a great benefit for the staff at the mall, as no pre-rendering is required to enable change of content quickly and efficiently.

We were pleased to work on this visually stunning and technically advanced sign. Enabling individual scheduling of each element of the pylon and window screens whilst synchronizing the players, wrapping the content around the 3D shapes, and making never-ending playout using animated transitions is the first of its type in the world and Acquire is proud to deliver it.
— Neil Farr | Managing Director | Acquire Digital.


With this successful installation, The Forum Shops is now better equipped to capitalise on foot traffic to attract new customers to the Mall with a bright and vivid sign. It has already led to many substantial advertising contracts with high profile brands to enable a constant revenue. 

About Simon

Simon is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development and a S&P100 company (Simon Property Group, NYSE: SPG). With industry-leading retail properties and investments across North America, Europe and Asia provide shopping experiences for millions of consumers every day and generate billions in annual retail sales.