Feature Index

Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the Wayfinder solution can do.

Core Features

Branded UI - Fully themed UI with location Logo, and colour scheme to match any brand.

Date and Time - Display the local date and time, automatically updates for daylight savings.

Custom Screensavers - Show a simple "call to action" video whilst the Wayfinder is idle as an attractor piece.

Ad Loop - Show a playlist of advertisements or videos automatically updated across all screens.

Mobile Hand-off* - Users can continue their route to a mobile device, via SMS, RFID or QR code.

Analytics Dashboard - See the most popular searches, destinations and track your ad-to-route performance, export as csv.

Map Editor - Add or change destinations and amenities. Modify your routes and move users around your location in the way you want.

Wayfinder Mobile - Interactive 3D maps, searchable destinations and routes, no additional App download required


Motion Trigger - Automatically show your map when someone approaches.

Tiered access levels - Give users CMS access with certain permissions, along with super-admin access

Flagship Destinations - Show key destinations with a custom image or brand logo

Multi-Language Support - Serve your users in their native language and allow them to swap languages instantly.


Rented AD slots (DOOHAD) - Optional digital out of home advertising platform you can rent your screen time.

Interactive Experiences - Build engaging interactive experiences for users including Games, Selfie filters, Quizzes & more.

Amenities - Common destinations like toilets, ATMs, car parks are grouped together.

Category Search - All locations can be assigned to categories allowing the users to narrow down the searchable list.


Disabled Access - Disabled access mode moves the entire UI down for those in wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.

Events - Local upcoming events are listed with dates & prices and can be touched to route to the destination.

Where Am I? - A simple way to find out exactly where you are. Zooms to your location on the map.

Deals and Offers - Add timed offers and deals to destinations and route people straight to the best deals.


Intelligent Routing - Dynamic algorithms find the best route with multi-floor journeys and ADA/DDA

Multi-Level Support - Easily switch floors and route to destinations on other floors.

4K Ready - The UI and 3D maps are ready for any resolution; HD, 4K and beyond.

Custom Categories - Any number of destination categories can be created.

New features coming soon in Version 4.0

*Requires SMS service plan.