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Getting people where they need to be.

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The enterprise grade digital directory solution, with best in class experience for users and owners.

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Why should you switch?

Discard your out-dated printed map directories


Improve Traffic Flow

Get people where they need to be by uncovering the fastest route possible. It does this all in less than a minute.


Earn Additional Revenue

A proven advertising model to enable return of investment. Get decision makers on-board.


Reduce printing costs

A paperless, economical solution reducing the costs of printing overheads and distribution.

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Tailored to your environment

Our mission is to create a positive and memorable journey for your users. We can shape the experience no matter what industry.



Drive shopper footfall whilst promoting offers, events and purchase suggestions.



Enhance student experience with locally-led data, events and enable safe routes after dusk.



Reduce patient stress of hospital visits with concise and clear navigation.



Display live transport timing and send alerts to passengers. Encourage passengers to eat, drink and increase spend.


Smart Cities

Explore cities, informing users with events, messaging and alerts. Give visitors multi-modal transport options.

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Intuitive User Interface

Fully branded
A themed user interface complete with location logos and colour schemes to match any brand.

Intuitive Search
The super-fast search functionality lets users find destinations, deals, points of interest and more within seconds.

Pinch, Rotate & Zoom
Simple gestures allow for easy navigation for all user types. 

Proximity awareness
The map comes to life when approached, and facial recognition technology captures invaluable customer data.

Customisable features
Add targeted digital advertising, even turn your kiosk into a giant selfie cam for ultimate customer engagement.

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Powerful Navigation & Onward Travel

Dynamic AI Routing
Intelligent algorithms find the best route, with optional animated paths. Whilst also considering accessibility and multi-floor journeys.

Smart Labels
Text labels that intelligently move as the map is rotating. 

Directions on-the-go
No need to remember routes; transfer them straight to a smartphone via QR code, NFC or SMS.

3rd party integration
Offer multimodal transport information by connecting with bus, rail and taxi companies.

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Multi Language
Compatible with multiple languages for different geographical regions.


API Integration
Optional Wayfinder API to build third party plugins.


Flexible Design
Customise your user interface in line with your unique brand identity.


Return of Investment (ROI)
Proven advertising model to enable return of investment.


Designed for accessibility
Smart UI adjusts for users in wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.


Flat 2D or 3D Mapping
Flexible styles and appearances to suit any environment.

Wayfinder CMS

The fully-integrated CMS gives you complete control, any of your team can make changes to
the maps with no programming experience necessary.

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Full Control
Multi-user and level of access support

Top Level Security
Secure 256-bit Encryption and
Two-Factor verification

Robust Tool-set
Powerful control and creation of data

Map Editor
Edit or create destinations, joins and nodes

Kiosk, Web, Mobile, API

Wayfinder is built to be flexible. Our CMS allows you to host and manage the maps and data for a variety of use cases.

The Wayfinder can be used with a fully responsive kiosk, handed off to a mobile (without the need to download an app), and on your own website. The wayfinder also has an API with support for for you to build your own custom wayfinding solutions for you and your partners.

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A flexible approach

For a successful solution, many parts need to come together - Reliable and good quality hardware, installation, support and operations, as well as our Wayfinder solution.

We can provide you with a full turnkey solution or just provide some of these items - we will discuss your needs at the outset and agree what works best for you.

Our flexible approach gives you control whilst delivering a outstanding solution.

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