Full control over your content. Meet the Wayfinder CMS

The fully-integrated CMS gives you complete control over your software and content. The simple-to-use dashboard powers a robust map builder, where you can edit store names and logos, add offers, even block off routes.

Once you’re done, just export to any platform. Kiosk? Mobile? Web? This CMS updates them all, within minutes.

Wayfinder CMS Macbook V3.png

Map Editor

Have full control over your routes with the powerful map editor. The simple toolset lets you create and edit nodes, as well as add links between destinations to create paths.

You can even block off routes should you need to, so you can guide visitors in a way that works for you.

Node  Editor.png

Maintain Map Information

The CMS platform has been designed specifically for the Wayfinder, so you can maintain your data with efficiency. With full access to all the information that makes up your property, you can effectively manage it at all times.

Change destination names, logos, descriptions, events, offers and amenities. Need to update opening hours or close tenants? You can do that too. All these changes are reflected across all wayfinding platforms within minutes. With API integration, you can even incorporate this across your own platforms.

Analytics and Data

Access a huge amount of data, right at your fingertips. The simple filter functionality gets you to the most valuable insights fast, saving you essential time.

View visitor reports or most popular routes, even the most popular destinations your visitors are searching for.