Dynamic AI Routing

Wayfinder uses our intelligent dynamic algorithm that finds the quickest route to your destination. Third party integration allows for multimodal transport options, so whether it’s by bus, rail or bike, you can find the fastest, safest and even greenest routes.

Got a preferred route you’d like your visitors to take? No problem - add weighting to direct users through a particular section. And for disabled users, alternate routing is provided taking into account wheelchair accessibility - with Wayfinder, it’s a completely inclusive experience.  

routing v3.png
smart labels NEW 2.gif

Smart Labels

Impactful destination labels intelligently move as the map rotates, making it suitable for all orientations.

Super clear and legible, with recognisable branding, users will never lose sight of where they’re going.

Mobile Hand-off

There’s no need to remember routes; simply send them straight to a smartphone via QR, NFC or SMS. If users get lost, maps can be rerouted to get them back on track, with full visibility while on the move.

With support for local location services, you can even get indoor mapping directions - all in a matter of seconds.

mobile handoff.png

Mobile Map

With the smart mobile map, you have all the same features and data in the digital directories, but in the palm of your hand. Optimised for smartphone use, all features are built to precisely cater whilst on the move.

Users are kept informed with accurate turn-by turn-steps, with final destination images available for reassurance of journey completion. And with no additional app download required, it’s quick and easy to get where you need to go.