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We provide award-winning,custom built software solutions for digital signage, displays, interactive kiosks and touch-screen multimedia.

Our software is developed with our users in mind, ensuring that it is easy-to-use and easy to create compelling and engaging digital signage campaigns. Our talented development team are continually adding new features to provide products that are high in quality and innovation, giving us a competitive edge.

Try Acquire for yourself and discover how Acquire Digital can revolutionise digital interaction for you!

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The ultimate cloud-based solution.

Create, manage and update your digital screens, anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Ultimate software platform for
digital signage or kiosks.

Over 80 plug-in style 'apps' offer unparalleled functionality.


The budget platform builder version of Acquire Premier.

Includes essential features and plug-ins to be added when needed.


One simple software package for each digital signage player.

Buy it, install it and control it using your favourite web browser.
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Network Management

More than 18,000 devices in networks all over the world are being controlled by our team of experienced technicians. Find out more about what we can do.


Experience counts. Our experienced team can help make your project a success, within a short leadtime and, we offer a free initial assessment.

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