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Smart Cities

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Intuitive User Interface

Branded UI
Fully themed UI with location Logo, and colour scheme to match any brand.

Intuitive Search
Let users find destinations, deals, services, points of interest and much more.

Pinch, Rotate & Zoom
Simple gestures allow for easy navigation for all user types.


Powerful Navigation

Dynamic AI Routing
Intelligent algorithms find the best route, with optional animated paths. Whilst also considering accessibility and multi-floor journeys.

Smart Labels
Destination text labels that intelligently move as the map is rotating.

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Onward Travel

Handover of information
Send routes to users smartphone via, NFC, QR or SMS

Mobile Map
Fully interactive web page, no download required


Multi Language

Compatible with multiple languages for different geographical regions

Configurable UI

Customise user interface inline with brand identity and colours.


UI adjusts for those in wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.


Optional Wayfinder API to build third party plugins.


Proven advertising model to enable return of investment.

FLAT 2D or 3D Map

Flexible style and appearance to fit environment.


Wayfinder CMS

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Full Control
Multi-user and level of access support

Top Level Security
Secure 256-bit Encryption and Two-Factor verification

Robust Tool-set
Powerful control and creation of data

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Map Editor

Node Editor
Built-in tools for placing and editing joins and nodes.

Destination Editor
Place and edit destinations on the map, allowing efficient and quick changes.


Analyse data and metrics

Interactions and touches
Vital insights from search analytics to show user trends to enhance user journeys

Audience detection
Capture and record demographics using third party systems


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